Lewis James

How To Hire The Armed Security You Need


When you are trying to protect yourself, your property, or any other assets, it's important to have security professionals available that can assist you. Having armed security by your side can deter crime and make you feel safer as a whole. The main thing you need to understand is the reasons that people get armed security, in addition to the methods for hiring professionals that can help you out. Use the points below so that you can find the security that you need.

31 March 2021

Learn More About Stun Guns


A stun gun can be a great way to protect yourself. There are a lot of things many prefer about having a stun gun instead of another type of protection. You can read 5 reasons stun guns are preferred here.  1: A stun gun isn't lethal - Many people want a way to protect themselves that isn't lethal. They may not like the idea of having something lethal around their home, like a gun.

19 February 2021

The Benefits Of Using An Air Conditioning Security Cage On Your Property


If you have central air conditioning and your condensing unit is located outdoors, there are reasons why adding an AC security cage may be a good idea. There are several benefits obtained by installing relatively inexpensive tool. Protect Your Air Conditioner And Its Parts From Theft While most thieves will not take the time to remove an entire air conditioning unit for use somewhere else, they do eye these machines for another reason.

15 December 2020

Why Hiring Security Guards For Your Business Is Important


If you have a business and you want to do everything you can to make it the best environment possible, you may want to consider hiring some security guards. You can hire your own guards and keep them on your business payroll, or you can contract with a company that will send their own guards to your business. Either way, here are some of the reasons why this would be a good thing for you to do:

13 November 2020

Examples of How Security Guards Help People and Businesses


Security guards help companies in a lot of different ways. While acting as a major deterrent for criminals, they are also trained to physically offer protection for people and items. They can also help in emergency medical situations. There are both unarmed and armed security officers and bodyguards that can be hired for any reason. Here are a few examples of times when security guards are commonly hired:  1. To guard warehouses

8 October 2020

Securing Your Property Against Crime


For most individuals, their personal security will be a major concern that will have to be met. Unfortunately, it is also common for people to simply fail to understand the steps that can be involved with effectively protecting themselves against some of the more serious personal threats. Have A Security Assessment Conducted For The Property It can be impossible for you to be able to effectively protect your home if you are not aware of all of the threats that may be able to strike.

14 September 2020

Managing The Rising Security Threats In Retail Stores


Customers are complaining about weak mask enforcement at retail chains. The reputational damage from the media is huge. Despite the discount prices that drive customers to big box stores in droves, some customers say they are shopping elsewhere.  More retail stores are reassessing their COVID-19 security measures. Can your staff control customers at the doors to enforce masks and social distancing within the store? Or are security guard services vital in your current retail environment?

18 August 2020

Holding An Event In A Large Space? Request These Things From Your Security Company


When you speak to a local security guard company about providing personnel for your upcoming outdoor event, one of the first things that the company will ask you is how many people you expect will be in attendance. The turnout at any event can influence the number of guards that are needed, but there are definitely some other topics to discuss in advance of the event. If you're holding your event in a large space — for example, a park — you'll likely want to request some specific things from your company.

16 July 2020

Hiring Security Services For Your Business


If you operate a business with restricted access to the property or are closed at night, hiring security guard services to manage access to the property may be necessary. Working with a company that hires and trains its officers and contracts them to your property can be cost-effective and beneficial to your business. Determining Your Security Needs Before hiring any security guard services for your property, it is a good idea to evaluate the need for security officers on the property.

22 June 2020

3 Ways To Make Your Surveillance System More Effective


Security cameras are considered essential by most business owners. A security system that includes cameras allows for more in-depth monitoring and the gathering of vital evidence in the event of a crime. If you really want to maximize the protection your surveillance system provides, there are some simple things you can do to make sure all your cameras are working as efficiently as possible. 1. Create Sufficient Lighting One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when installing security cameras is forgetting to upgrade the lighting near each camera.

2 June 2020