How To Improve Gated Neighborhood Security


Some of the most distinctive features of a gated neighborhood are a perimeter wall and a gate. However, these features are not enough to secure the residents and properties from burglary, vandalism, and other forms of crime. Thus, property managers and homeowners' associations must take additional measures to provide maximum security in a gated community. Here are some key tips for improving gated neighborhood security. 

Security Assessment and Planning 

It is very challenging to plan for security without understanding the existing safety risks and gaps. Thus, the first measure in enhancing security in a gated community is undertaking a security risk assessment. Notably, it is important to engage a security consultant with security assessment skills. Typically, the assessment begins by identifying all the security risks in the neighborhood, including past crime incidences. Then, the consultant identifies the existing security features and their capacity to address the risks. Consequently, the risk assessment helps to develop a comprehensive security plan.

Security Officers 

A gated community should also hire security officers. There are two types of security officers: armed and uniformed. Usually, armed officers have the license to carry guns, which is necessary where the security threat is high. In comparison, uniformed guards are ideal in situations of low-medium security threats. Ordinarily, uniformed guards rely on their uniforms and security management skills to deter and respond to security threats. Broadly, the security officers help in controlling entry to the gated community. More so, the officers can conduct patrols, especially at night, to monitor suspicious behaviors. 

Controlled Entry 

Essentially, controlled entry helps to monitor everyone and everything that enters or leaves the community. In this case, the community can establish checkups for people and vehicles entering and leaving the neighborhood. That way, it is possible to deter and detect any criminal elements. In addition, the security guards controlling the gate can maintain a visitor's log. As a result, it is easy to refer to the visitors' logs should a crime occur for rapid investigations. 

Surveillance Cameras

Security officers are not an adequate measure for maintaining security in a gated neighborhood. Thus, it is advisable to add an extra level of security through technology. Largely, gated communities can install surveillance cameras for security monitoring. The surveillance cameras are situated in strategic places like the gate, perimeter wall, roads, and common areas. Such cameras capture and relay live videos to the surveillance room and also store the video footage. Thus, security guards can monitor the security situation in real-time. Therefore, security cameras are ideal for responding to a security breach and providing evidence for crime investigation. 

Community Policing 

The residents in a gated community should cooperate with the homeowners' associations, property managers, and security officers to implement the community's security plan. Thus, there is a need for regular briefs and sensitization on security measures. Then, the residents should stay alert by observing any suspicious activities. Importantly, there should be an official mechanism for reporting insecurity incidences. In this way, security becomes a shared responsibility in the gated neighborhood. 

Ultimately, a safe and secure gated neighborhood enhances the quality of living for the residents. Thus, gated communities should have a security plan, hire guards, and invest in security technologies. For more information, contact a security company like Archon Protection.


19 July 2021

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