Learn More About Stun Guns


A stun gun can be a great way to protect yourself. There are a lot of things many prefer about having a stun gun instead of another type of protection. You can read 5 reasons stun guns are preferred here. 

1: A stun gun isn't lethal - Many people want a way to protect themselves that isn't lethal. They may not like the idea of having something lethal around their home, like a gun. This can be because they don't want to risk the chance of a child getting a hold of it. Some people can't imagine taking a life, even when protecting their own life. Other people just don't believe in lethal protection. No matter what the reason for not wanting lethal protection, a stun gun gives them another option. 

2: A stun gun is legal in most states - Something that a lot of people like about stun guns is they can easily purchase them and they won't get hassled or even be in trouble if they are found to be in possession of a stun gun. In fact, stun guns are legal in most states with only 4 states requiring a license. They are only illegal in Hawaii and Rhode Island. 

3: Stun guns work through clothing - Some people who aren't familiar with the way that stun guns work think they wouldn't be good for protection because they wouldn't penetrate clothing. However, the truth is that stun guns absolutely work through clothing, if they didn't, then they wouldn't be of much use to anyone. When using a stun gun, you just press the prongs firmly against the person's clothing and the jolt will go through the clothing and cause them to fall to the ground. 

4: Stun guns give the victim plenty of time to flee - When you use a stun gun on someone, they will fall to the ground and be incapacitated for as long as 15 minutes. This is plenty of time to give the person who used the stun gun the time they need to get to safety. 

5: Stun guns can be easily carried - Another great thing about stun guns is that they are easy to carry. They come in convenient sizes that make them easy to carry in your hand, so you can have one easily accessible any time that you feel that your life may be in jeopardy, such as when you have to walk through a rough area. They can fit in pockets, they can fit in purses, they can fit in backpacks, etc. And if you get something like a 15 million volt stun gun flashlight, you get a flashlight and a stun gun. 


19 February 2021

Identifying Home Security Concerns

Do you remember the last time you felt unsafe in your home? Feeling like you could have security issues is a serious threat, which could make it hard to sleep and feel comfortable in your space. From windows that don't close properly to doors that could use an extra layer of security, it is crucial to know how to keep your home safe from harm. The purpose of this simple blog is to help other people to identify and resolve home security concerns, since you never know when your place will be targeted. Check out these posts to find out what you need to know.