Examples of How Security Guards Help People and Businesses


Security guards help companies in a lot of different ways. While acting as a major deterrent for criminals, they are also trained to physically offer protection for people and items. They can also help in emergency medical situations. There are both unarmed and armed security officers and bodyguards that can be hired for any reason. Here are a few examples of times when security guards are commonly hired: 

1. To guard warehouses

Many warehouses will hire security guards. In some cases the guards will patrol the property on foot and in other cases in a car or even a golf cart. Also, many warehouse properties will have a security booth out front that employees and truck drivers will have to pass by in order to come onto the property. The security guards will be on location to ensure unauthorized people don't trespass, to make sure there are no thefts, and to ensure that nothing else illegal takes place at the warehouse. 

2. To guard shopping complexes or malls

A lot of times, entire shopping complexes or malls will be guarded by one or more security guards. In some cases, it may be a single shop in a complex that is protected by a security guard. The shop owner might want their storefront to be guarded if the complexes run independently. The security guard will be on-site to protect the shops from shoplifting because they will be there to stop the shoplifter from getting away and hold them until law enforcement comes to formally arrest them. 

The security guards will also be there to prevent other crimes from happening on the property which can include things like vandalism, assaults, car thefts, and more. They will also be able to help if there is an accident or if someone has a medical emergency. While the security guard isn't a medical professional, they will often be trained in the basics including CPR and how to treat someone who is in shock. 

3. To offer security for individuals

Security guards can be hired to protect an individual or a family who feel that they are at risk of being attacked or their homes being invaded. They may feel at risk because they are a celebrity or because they are the victim of stalking. The security guard can watch over the client and their property to make sure no one gets to them. 

You can learn more about working with additional security by contacting a local security guard company.


8 October 2020

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