Managing The Rising Security Threats In Retail Stores


Customers are complaining about weak mask enforcement at retail chains. The reputational damage from the media is huge. Despite the discount prices that drive customers to big box stores in droves, some customers say they are shopping elsewhere. 

More retail stores are reassessing their COVID-19 security measures. Can your staff control customers at the doors to enforce masks and social distancing within the store? Or are security guard services vital in your current retail environment?

Put another way, what is the cost of the risk of a coronavirus outbreak or perceived threat to your business?

Ensuring Hygiene and Social Distancing

Fortunately, most customers are happy to comply with new hygiene and social distancing standards. Unfortunately, irresponsible or simply forgetful customers and suppliers will also enter your place of business. If you have a COVID-19 outbreak, your store will be shut down for at least two weeks, but it may take even longer for some customers to return. 

At a minimum, retailers are required to have staff or security at each entrance to control the number of persons entering the store and ensure social distancing in the queue and store. But to ensure compliance, your door monitors should also have:

  • professional crowd control experience 
  • ability to immediately remove uncooperative visitors from the premises 
  • experience handling physical altercations, which are on the rise in retail environments. 

Controlling Soaring In-Store Fraud 

While managing social distancing, retailers are facing a sharp rise in shoplifting across the nation. Retailers are also reporting higher in-store fraud including credit card fraud, gift card scams, and returns of stolen merchandise.

Retail stores can reduce fraud by having trained personnel on site who can:

  • implement shoplifting detection systems 
  • recognize signs of fraudulent activity while being conducted 
  • put checks and systems in place to reduce fraud and slippage. 

Managing Non-Compliant Customers

Security guards should always avoid excessive use of force. But the current public health and safety threats require immediate removal of uncooperative customers and possibly police backup. Negotiating techniques typically used to calm overly excited or hostile individuals will not always work in the current environment. 

Under these circumstances, staff in charge of compliance monitoring should be prepared to handle uncooperative and potentially violent customers. Training by a security agency, the police, or the military in handling physical removal and altercation situations is highly advised. 

Security firms have adopted new measures to manage these new risks. Consult with a security company on how you can avoid weak COVID-19 enforcement in your retail stores.

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18 August 2020

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