The Benefits Of Using An Air Conditioning Security Cage On Your Property


If you have central air conditioning and your condensing unit is located outdoors, there are reasons why adding an AC security cage may be a good idea. There are several benefits obtained by installing relatively inexpensive tool.

Protect Your Air Conditioner And Its Parts From Theft

While most thieves will not take the time to remove an entire air conditioning unit for use somewhere else, they do eye these machines for another reason. The condenser portion of your unit contains copper. Other fine metals are also used within air conditioning units. Thieves know that if they tear apart an air conditioner, they are able to remove the metal parts quite easily. Many homeowners have their units in a location out of the public eye, making them prime targets for theft. An air conditioning cage protects your unit as potential thieves are less likely to take the time to try to gain access to the unit. Instead, they look for targets where they do not need to perform much work to get to the metal they need to exchange for money at a scrap metal recycling center.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe From Potential Damage

An air conditioning cage not only keeps your unit protected from theft, but also from damage. If your property has trees located upon it, limbs, branches, and leaves tend to fall during rain or snowstorms and when windy conditions occur. A cage is an added layer of protection for your air conditioning unit. Since cages are made from thick metal rails, they easily stop large items from hitting the unit. They are also useful in preventing an accumulation of debris inside of the unit, which in turn, reduces the potential for a mechanism failure.

Protect Others From Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you have small children or pets, the last thing you want is for them to become injured by your air conditioning unit. A metal air conditioning security cage helps to protect those you care about when they are near the unit. This cage provides you with extra time to get to your loved ones before they come into contact with electricity or moving parts inside of your unit. An air conditioning cage surrounds the entire unit and encloses it inside of a protective shield. They also have a locking mechanism feature to keep your air conditioner completely out of reach of those not authorized to touch it.


15 December 2020

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