Holding An Event In A Large Space? Request These Things From Your Security Company


When you speak to a local security guard company about providing personnel for your upcoming outdoor event, one of the first things that the company will ask you is how many people you expect will be in attendance. The turnout at any event can influence the number of guards that are needed, but there are definitely some other topics to discuss in advance of the event. If you're holding your event in a large space — for example, a park — you'll likely want to request some specific things from your company. Here are some items that should be on your list.

Additional Officers

While the number of guests who will be attending your event plays a major role in how many security officers you'll need, the size of the venue is also something to think about. If the venue is large, you need to realize that it may take some time for officers to respond to any issues — especially if they're currently patrolling an area that is a considerable distance away. Ensuring that you have additional officers will allow them to spread out throughout the venue, thereby drastically reducing their response time to anything that requires their attention.

Security Vehicles

A big benefit of having your event in an outdoor venue is that your security personnel can use various methods of transportation to get around. This, of course, will allow them to not only patrol the space more efficiently, but to also quickly travel to specific areas in which there are issues. Talk to your security guard company about the vehicles that it has available. Cars, trucks, or SUVs are ideal for venues that are large and have roadways running throughout them, but this isn't always the case. In many scenarios, smaller options such as golf carts and bicycles will be a better choice for allowing the officers to get around quickly and safely.

Mobile Surveillance Units

One or more mobile surveillance units can be worthwhile to add to your event when the venue is large. In addition to being equipped with surveillance cameras that will document any issues, the presence of these units can be a serious deterrent for those who might be thinking about causing trouble. Generally, mobile surveillance units are built onto small trailers. This means that your security company will visit the venue before the event begins to set up the units wherever it believes that they will be most useful.


16 July 2020

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