Investing In A Bugged Equipment Detector


Today there are a lot of concerns surrounding security since many companies and individuals are having their personal information compromised by attackers. In this regard, you will need to look into the help of companies that can keep you secure and make sure that you don't have people eavesdropping on your conversations. Bugging devices are one of the most common forms of surveillance that people take advantage of, so you need to sweep for bugs if you feel like you've been compromised.

14 May 2020

4 Responsibilities Of An Event Security Team


When you hold a special event, you need to make sure that you keep the event secure and safe for everyone who is attending the event. Keeping the event secure and safe often requires one to hire an event security team. An event security team will have various responsibilities to fulfill in order to keep your event running smoothly. Coordination The first thing that the event security team will be responsible for is coordinating the security at the event.

26 February 2020

Opening A Grocery Store? Work With A Security Guard Company To Get Extra Protection


Have you started the process of opening a grocery store? If you will be serving customers in the next few weeks, get in touch with a security guard company to find out how much it will cost to have a guard sent over to your store each day. You may want to have a security guard available at all hours of the day and night while your store is open.

24 February 2020

Want To Be A Security Officer? Do These Four Things.


If you're passionate about helping others, you should choose a career path that lets you follow that passion. Security officers help people every day by keeping businesses, patrons, and workers safe. They deter thieves and keep vandals from causing property damage. If you have never worked in the security industry before, you probably have a lot of questions about what it takes to get a job in the field. Here are the four things anyone who aspires to be a security professional should do.

17 February 2020

4 Tips to Increase Your Business's Cybersecurity


Most business owners spend a lot of time and money ensuring their business is safe from security threats. Security systems, cameras, and secure locks keep thieves and vandals from preying on your company. In the modern age, many of a company's most valuable resources aren't physical at all. Instead, they're stored on a computer. Cyber threats can be just as dangerous as physical threats, if not more so. Cybersecurity is important for the longevity and safety of any company.

10 February 2020

Courier Services with a Focus on Security


Courier services involve transporting items from one party directly to another. Typically, speed and accuracy are the most important skills of a good courier. However, there is sometimes a need for a courier service that includes security measures as well. If you're interested in using a courier service to transport expensive items, sensitive information, or people, a security-based courier service will be your best bet. Special training A security-based courier company will hire couriers with a background in security.

4 February 2020

Maintaining The Safety Of Your Restaurant With Proper Fire Suppression


As the owner of a restaurant, you know the importance of your kitchen. The kitchen is where the magic happens. Your chefs are hard at work cooking up delicious food to keep your patrons happy and coming back for more. The kitchen is also where accidents tend to happen, including accidents that can lead to kitchen fires. Therefore, you should be aware of how to keep your patrons and employees safe by minimizing the threat of fire damage.

3 February 2020