Considering A Bail Bond? Answers You Need To Have


Few things are as widely known and just as widely misunderstood as the bail bonds process. For many people, misconceptions and confusion abound because they've never had to secure a bail bond before. If you're new to bail bonds and have found yourself in need of one for a loved one, there are some things that you need to know. Here are a few things that you should clarify with the bail bonds agent before you sign the bail contract.

How Much Is The Fee For The Bail Bond?

The first thing that's important for you to know is that there is a fee associated with securing a bail bond. In some cases, that fee is ten percent of the bond amount, but it can vary depending on the nature of the charge as well as the state regulations. Before you secure your loved one's bail bond, it's important that you know how much you'll be paying for that bond. In most situations, when you call to inquire about bail, the bondsman will tell you how much their fee is right up front, but in either case, make sure that you know.

What Can You Use For Collateral?

When you secure a bail bond, you need to provide some form of collateral that's worth the equivalent of that bond. Whether it's a house, a car, or any other item of value, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you can and cannot use. Some bail bondsmen will accept things that others will not, so ask in advance about what types of collateral are acceptable. 

What Are Your Legal Responsibilities?

The next thing that's important for you to know is that you have some legal responsibilities as the co-signer for a bail bond. In most cases, you'll be financially responsible if they don't show up in court, and you may also be responsible for ensuring that the bonded individual checks in with the bail bondsman as well. Before you sign the contract, take some time to discuss the responsibilities so that you know exactly what you're expected to do.

Bail bonds are a serious responsibility, and they are one that can cost you if your loved one decides to run instead of answering to the courts. If you've decided to secure a bond for someone for the first time, you need to make sure that you know exactly what to expect. These are a few of the most common questions that you'll need to ask the bail bond agency before you sign the contract.


29 October 2021

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