3 Reasons To Hire Warehouse Security


Security is almost an afterthought for large commercial buildings in busy urban districts, and when security is mentioned in everyday conversation, it is not unusual to hear people talk about their own home security systems. Yet one place where security is often strangely underutilized is at warehouses. While many large warehouses may seem especially safe without security, there are several good reasons why warehouse security is an absolute necessity. Read on for just a few of the ways that having security can benefit your company's local or regional warehouse.

Employee Safety

Larger warehouses can have thousands of employees come through the doors on any given day, and their safety is of paramount importance. One of the primary advantages of having warehouse security, then, is ensuring that employees are taken care of at all times. For example, the familiarity that warehouse security has with the building can reassure building managers that in a sudden emergency such as a fire or flood, the building can be quickly and safely evacuated. In a worst-case scenario such as attempted burglary, armed security can even prevent harm from coming to employees.

Theft Prevention

While employee safety is always the top concern for companies, preventing theft is yet another reason to hire warehouse security. Theft can happen at any time and come from any source, whether external or internal. Security at a warehouse or distribution center discourages this by keeping a close eye on all activity in and around the warehouse, as well as monitoring security devices such as cameras and alarms. Warehouse security may not be free, but it often pales in comparison to the financial burden that warehouses take on every year when they fail to properly protect their goods from being stolen.

Improved Visitor Experience

While guards tasked with the protection of employees and products are the most visible, they are not necessarily the most common. In fact, much of warehouse security is dedicated to improving the experience of people visiting the warehouse. This may include everything from efficiently checking the validity of delivery driver identification badges to guiding out-of-town vendors and new staff to the appropriate offices. In this way, the experience that visitors have with warehouse security is their first glimpse of the warehouse as a whole and can leave a lasting impression. For this reason alone, no company should ignore the importance of hiring security for its warehouse or distribution center.  

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12 April 2022

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