Hiring Security Services For Your Business


If you operate a business with restricted access to the property or are closed at night, hiring security guard services to manage access to the property may be necessary. Working with a company that hires and trains its officers and contracts them to your property can be cost-effective and beneficial to your business.

Determining Your Security Needs

Before hiring any security guard services for your property, it is a good idea to evaluate the need for security officers on the property. Nightwatchmen are often on the property to watch for damage, intrusion, fires, and other issues that could be detrimental to the business if it went unnoticed, but you may need more than that. 

If you want to patrol on the property during the day or need to control entry onto the property, you may need several officers from the security service during the day and at night. Once you have determined what you need or want from the security company, sit down and talk with the representative from the company so you can work out the details. 

Training and Outfitting

Often the security services will provide the training and the uniforms for their officers, so you do not have to deal with that part. If you have a particular job that you want to be done, on the job training might be unnecessary, and you will most likely need someone from your accompany to handle that for the first officer. After that, the officer can train their peers to do the work you requested, in the way you asked for. 

If you need a vehicle on the property for the security officers to patrol in, you will need to work out the details of that with the security services company. Some companies provide the vehicle for the security company, and other times the security company will provide their own vehicle. Because the security services employees and ensure the officers, it can be beneficial for the security services company to deal with the vehicle and insurance as well, but make sure you discuss that during the contract negotiation. 

Staffing Input

It is a good idea to ask for staffing input when negotiating with the security services company. If you have a concern about an officer that is working on your property or if there is a problem with a supervisor, it is essential that you have the ability to request the security services company replace that officer on your site. 

You will need to provide a reason for the change. Still, most security companies will accommodate that because it is easier to replace employees than to lose a contract and have to lay several employees off. 


22 June 2020

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