3 Ways To Make Your Surveillance System More Effective


Security cameras are considered essential by most business owners. A security system that includes cameras allows for more in-depth monitoring and the gathering of vital evidence in the event of a crime.

If you really want to maximize the protection your surveillance system provides, there are some simple things you can do to make sure all your cameras are working as efficiently as possible.

1. Create Sufficient Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when installing security cameras is forgetting to upgrade the lighting near each camera.

You want to ensure that there is enough light to allow the camera to capture detailed images. After all, footage of a crime being committed isn't much help when the facial features of those involved can't be seen because of poor lighting.

If you are hoping to use your security cameras at night, consider upgrading to cameras that have the ability to record in infrared or night vision. This ensures that no matter when your cameras are rolling, they will be able to provide quality surveillance footage.

2. Use Wired Security Cameras

Wireless technology has taken root in the security industry. Many wireless surveillance cameras are available to business owners as a result of advancements in technology. You may be tempted to install wireless cameras in your commercial space, but these types of cameras have some limitations.

Wireless camera systems are more susceptible to being hacked by an outside source. This is because the signal for each camera is broadcast over a wireless network. Wired cameras are more difficult to hack, which makes them more secure than their wireless counterparts.

3. Monitor Hidden Entry Points

Most business owners place surveillance cameras near the front entrance and throughout the interior of their commercial space. While this type of coverage is good, it won't allow you to monitor all entry points on your property.

Don't overlook the back entrance, any basement windows, and your loading docks when you are setting up a video surveillance system. Burglars will often use these hidden entry points to access a commercial space.

Utilize outdoor cameras to monitor the exterior of your building so that you will always have access to clear footage of all possible entry points into your commercial building.

Security cameras can be valuable pieces of equipment, but only if they are used properly. Contact a company that provides camera systems for businesses to learn more.


2 June 2020

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